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About Us 

ODD Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2007. Current principal activity is to meet specific customer needs in the electricity industry. Our activities cover the power plant control, data acquisition and trading systems to support new modules and features to develop, implement support systems in addition to existing features.

Taking into account the needs of our customers we expanded our system development team project management, system design, system integration, process design and change management, and the liberalization of the electricity sector and the regulation of expert staff. Thanks to this ever-expanding professional team includes full implementation of the project - from design to implementation - can offer our client base support - typically the electricity sector - for.

Our employees are all the companies in the electricity industry (Electricity System Operator, Electric Utilities and Customers, Network licensees, power stations) operations, both in IT and in the field of process and change management experience gained from the projects have been successfully implemented.

Our company believes that the successful operation or process reengineering key business IT system needs assessments, monitoring and control of their fulfillment. This will ensure that the solutions developed actually serves the purpose for having chosen a company to implement.

Our team focuses on success factors for this, while our clients from corporate strategy, regulatory environment, user requirements derived from help design and implement a new or revised business processes and IT applications.​